Beautify Your Office Construction with Help from a Landscape Architect in Delray Beach, FL

The presentation of your office building says a lot about your business. Whether you own or work at a doctor’s office, a law firm or a corporate headquarters in Delray Beach, clients and visitors are attracted to businesses which make the effort to maintain a clean and professional appearance. How many people would visit a doctor or lawyer in an office building with substandard landscape? Chances are you’re not going to receive much repeat business. The presentation of your property makes a big impression on anyone who visits your property. That’s why more businesses in Delray Beach are choosing Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture Inc. for their commercial landscape design.

A landscape architect can offer several office construction solutions to improve the look of your building. Depending on the design and location of your commercial property, a landscape professional can provide several different options to beautify your business. When hiring a landscape architect, it’s important to choose a professional who understands the local building codes and standards. One popular trend is to go green. This means creating landscape which is both environmentally friendly and can save client’s money on maintenance costs.

One option to make your property more inviting to visitors is to add a walkway. This is particularly effective for large buildings, such as hospitals, business parks, or college campuses. A walkway serves two purposes. Not only does it enhance the look of your commercial landscape, it also provides visitors, customers or employees with easy access to the building. This makes everyone feel welcome and gives your property a sense of organization.

It may seem obvious. But you would be amazed how a properly cut and maintained law can enhance your commercial property. Nobody wants to visit a building with overgrown weeds. Compare one shopping center with a manicured lawn to another that is poorly maintained. Which place would you rather visit? A clean cut and properly maintained lawn creates happy customers and business owners.

There are several other options a landscape architect can provide to beautify and add value to your commercial property. Adding a small pond is a unique way to provide more sizzle to a boring exterior. An outdoor patio area complete with chairs and benches is perfect for restaurants and shopping plazas. Simple floral arrangements add more color and can brighten up your business. All of these options and more are possible with help from Michael J. Phillips Landscape Inc. With more than 25 years of commercial development and landscaping experience, Michael’s expertise ranges from large office construction projects to industrial commercial properties. To learn more on how on a landscaping architect can help beautify your property, call Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture Inc. today.

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