Residential Landscape Design in Florida

The continental United States lies within a large landmass with many different climate zones. There are only two states which can be considered tropical however; one is Hawaii, the other is Florida. In Florida, everything north of Palm Beach County is considered subtropical while Miami-Dade and Broward are solidly tropical. This means that there isn’t much change from season to season and plant life remains vibrant year round. Landscape design in a place like South Florida is both exciting and challenging because of the sheer number of options available for each project. There are hundreds of different suitable trees, shrubs, and flowers which thrive in the South Florida environment, but selecting the right ones for your property can be a challenge. With so many options to choose from, hiring an experienced Landscape Architect is your best option. Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc. is one such design company with the expertise to create the tropical environment that you are looking for.

There are a few general similarities between the landscape design featured at a commercial property compared to a residential home, but there are also definite differences. Commercial projects are obviously concerned with both aesthetics and function. Certain site conditions may exist that drive the design, like erosion control, native preservation areas, or some other environmental concern. A successful design is one which looks great and also serves a valuable purpose. Homeowners are also concerned with aesthetics and function, but in a different way. A homeowner is looking for something more personal with the design, and they may want something specific which appeals to them. Residential designs are often more challenging because of homeowner’s lifestyle, hobbies and interests. Lifestyle also may bring into play the desire for other design improvements to residential properties such as spa and pool design, and other outdoor amenities such as outdoor kitchens and gazebo structures. The mild climate of South Florida encourages the development of these outdoor living areas.

Improvements to the landscape can be just as personal as the interior design of a home. Those looking to make improvement to their property should consider a landscape architect with experience like Michael Phillips. When you are looking for a landscape architect in South Florida, choose one with over 25 years of experience working with both residential homes as well as a large corporate clientele. Improve your property by giving Michael J. Phillips Landscape Architecture, Inc. a call today.

Commercial landscape architecture using palmetto palms.

Commercial landscaping with palmetto palms

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